Alum Batch Checkin Day 1

August 13, 2017

Update: I ended up checking-in with the same frequency as last batch, but as my check-ins became more personal, I decided to restrict them to RC’s internal chat system. The alumni check-in end at Day 6.

Today was the first RC day for the Fall batch! I’m pretty excited to get to know everyone in the upcoming weeks.

I spent most of the day socializing with people and taking part of the festivities. I found it actually pretty useful even though this was technically my third first day here. It reminded me of the goals of RC and gave me some renewed motivation and tactics to reach ‘em.

I think I’m going to finish the day casually by reading this testing parametrization post by RC alum James Routley and see where I can implement that in my own code. Otherwise I want to start fresh tomorrow and pair with someone on networking (or some other topic I’ve been meaning to do ;) )!

Alum Batch Checkin Day 1 - August 13, 2017 - Hang Lu Su