Check-In Day 29

July 10, 2017

Ouf, I hope I’m not losing track of the days. Day 48 is when this is over and I feel like I’m nearing it :’(.

End of the last week and weekend report

So, I did end up learning about tmux, and really finished this goofycoin thing. I’ll give it for code review once I do a last reading (man, I’m so self-conscious about my code now that I’m on the low confidence part of the Dunning-Kruger effect).

I also showed up to the Mathy ML group, and the women’s dinner and I think all of the attendance and sustained individual effort at the end of the week left me a bit exhausted.Honestly, I’m starting to worry if I can even handle classes anymore. I feel so much better in unstructured work situations - as well as much more productive. This has been a constant throughout my life. RC gave me the confidence that yes, I really can make that work for me if I fight for this kind of work environment and get lucky enough to have my wish granted. So for the first time in a month, I took an entire weekend off, plus Monday. It felt really goodAs good as you can feel when you marathon through a murder-mystery, totally immersed, and are now semi-wondering if someone’s gonna jump out of the closet and slit your throat lol .


I started nicely with did some reading. I finally learned about the Python Virtual Machine as suggested by Saul Pwanson and omg! It’s a stack! It’s a stack that translates the high abstraction Python into assembly! And each hardware can have their own version of this stack so that you can write for multiple machines at once using Python and Java! No low-level bugs! :D

Now the craze about Forth at RC totally makes sense to me now. You’re literally programming one layer of abstraction below than the usual.

Otherwise I did some more learning about security. I it seems like two fields are hot right now: security/blockchain stuff and ML/big data. I’m a bit late on the ML bandwagon and just got started with security at RC, so I decided to keep my focus on that and sporadically dive into ML when the occasion presents itself for now.

Ok. I’ll probably grab food in a bit and get back to to work after that.


Check-In Day 29 - July 10, 2017 - Hang Lu Su