Check-In Day 34-35

July 23, 2017

I succombed to peer pressure and built a raytracer! In Python!

Thursday Friday

I try not to get swayed by other people are doing and felt a sense of personal failure at giving in to perceived pressure, BUT there were many upsides to this so I continued.

Saturday Sunday

Did some work but mostly chilled. Tim Babb gave a wonderful-excellent-fascinating commentated movie night on Inside Out which he worked on. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better commentary.

Then the next day I chilled more at RC and ate some mango pudding at Nyona and it was sooooooo good. Then a group came into Babbage and watched Game of Thrones and that’s how I found out the new season was released (aaaah!). It got pretty late but I had many great conversations with lots of people, from having a feminist rant to learning about internet protocols, to hearing a super exciting story about a recommendation systems startup someone built from the group up, to having a great late night debugging session on my raytracer (sentence over ouf!). It made me super appreciate the social aspect of RC.


I came in super late mostly because when I went back home on Sunday I spent so much time being excited about Game of Thrones it got late on me and I couldn’t move the next day. Nevertheless, I finished my basic Python raytracer!!!

Here’s an output!

(Sorry, it's grainy and small because I wrote this in Python and I didn't want to wait forever to post the picture!)

Code is also up on my Github if you want a quick raytracer reference. I wrote this to be easy to read but it also needs some cleaning up.

Writing a raytracer got me pretty curious about graphics so I think I’m going to end the evening by plopping myself somewhere and satisfying my curiosity on the subject by reading this great website. Or learn some about mathematical finance or finish my reading on theory on computation, who knows!

Check-In Day 34-35 - July 23, 2017 - Hang Lu Su