Notes from selected conferences or lectures in reverse chronological order. Warning: some of these are quite incomplete and contain errors/confusions. I’m not always following!

Low-dimensional actions of 3-manifold groups (uB, Dijon, November 2019)

Baik, Harry - Flows and foliations in 3-manifolds and laminar groups

Boyer, Steve - The orderability 3-manifold groups and topology

Guilloux, Antonin - An introduction to arithmetic lattices of PSL(2,C)

Louisa, Paoluzzi - An introduction to (hyperbolic) 3-manifolds and their fundamental groups

Note: Link to conference website

Aspects of Geometric Group Theory (IHES, Paris, July 2019)

Benoist, Yves - Arithmeticity of Discrete Groups

Bux, Kai-Uwe - Thompson Groups

Charney, Ruth - Artin Groups

Dahmani, François - Hyperbolicity and Generalizations

Erschler, Anna - Growth and Isoperimetric Inequalities in Groups

Mann, Kathryn - Diffeomorphisms of the Circle

Minsky, Yair - Mapping Class Group and Curve Complex

Vogtmann, Karen - Outer Automorphisms of Free Groups

Walsh, Genevieve - Boundaries of Hyperbolic and Relatively Hyperbolic Groups

Wienhard, Anna - Hyperbolic Structures on Surface

Wise, Daniel T. - CAT(0) Cube Complexes

Note: Lecture recordings and exercises available on the conference website.

Simons Semester (IMPAN, Warsaw, May 2019)

Osin, Denis - Acylindrically hyperbolic groups

Note: More notes from the semester can be found here on the conference website.

Small Cancellation Theory (UAM, Madrid, January 2019)

Course by Dominik Gruber

Note: Gruber’s website.

Groups and Geometries (CIRM, Marseille, Jan 2019)

Coulon, Rémi - Groups as Geometric objects

Kar, Aditi - Geometry of non positive curvature

Nir, Lazarovich - CAT(0) cube complexes

Marquis, Ludovic - Hyperbolic Geometry

Note: Link to conference website.

Logic and Algorithms in Group Theory (HIM, Bonn, September 2018)

Chiodo, Maurice - Undecidability in Groups

Holt, Derek - Algorithms for finitely-presented groups

Thom, Andreas - Stability and invariant random subgroups

Note: Recorded talks and additional notes can be found on the conference website.

Computational Group Theory (UPV, Bilbao, February 2018)

GAP course by Urban Jezernik and Primož Moravec

Note: GAP demos and exercises sheet can be found on the conference website.

Adventures in C-star Algebra (McGill U, Montreal, Summer 2016)

Course by Jane Panangaden

Notes - Hang Lu Su