Notes from selected conferences or lectures in reverse chronological order. Warning: some of these are quite incomplete and contain errors/confusions. I’m not always following!

Young Geometric Group Theory

(St-Jacut-de-la-Mer, February 2020)

Cantat, Serge - Groups of polynomial transformations

Erschler, Anna - Growth and amenability of groups

Note: More notes on the conference website.

Low-dimensional actions of 3-manifold groups

(University of Burgundy, Dijon, November 2019)

Baik, Harry - Flows and foliations in 3-manifolds and laminar groups

Boyer, Steve - The orderability 3-manifold groups and topology

Guilloux, Antonin - An introduction to arithmetic lattices of PSL(2,C)

Louisa, Paoluzzi - An introduction to (hyperbolic) 3-manifolds and their fundamental groups

Note: Link to conference website

Aspects of Geometric Group Theory

(IHES, Paris, July 2019)

Benoist, Yves - Arithmeticity of Discrete Groups

Bux, Kai-Uwe - Thompson Groups

Charney, Ruth - Artin Groups

Dahmani, François - Hyperbolicity and Generalizations

Erschler, Anna - Growth and Isoperimetric Inequalities in Groups

Mann, Kathryn - Diffeomorphisms of the Circle

Minsky, Yair - Mapping Class Group and Curve Complex

Vogtmann, Karen - Outer Automorphisms of Free Groups

Walsh, Genevieve - Boundaries of Hyperbolic and Relatively Hyperbolic Groups

Wienhard, Anna - Hyperbolic Structures on Surface

Wise, Daniel T. - CAT(0) Cube Complexes

Note: Lecture recordings and exercises available on the conference website.

Simons Semester

(IMPAN, Warsaw, May 2019)

Osin, Denis - Acylindrically hyperbolic groups

Note: More notes from the semester can be found here on the conference website.

Small Cancellation Theory

(Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid, January 2019)

Course by Dominik Gruber

Note: Gruber’s website.

Groups and Geometries

(CIRM, Marseille, Jan 2019)

Coulon, Rémi - Groups as Geometric objects

Kar, Aditi - Geometry of non positive curvature

Nir, Lazarovich - CAT(0) cube complexes

Marquis, Ludovic - Hyperbolic Geometry

Note: Link to conference website.

Logic and Algorithms in Group Theory

(HIM, Bonn, September 2018)

Chiodo, Maurice - Undecidability in Groups

Holt, Derek - Algorithms for finitely-presented groups

Thom, Andreas - Stability and invariant random subgroups

Note: Recorded talks and additional notes can be found on the conference website.

Computational Group Theory

(University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, February 2018)

GAP course by Urban Jezernik and Primož Moravec

Note: GAP demos and exercises sheet can be found on the conference website.

Adventures in C-star Algebra

(McGill University, Montreal, Summer 2016)

Course by Jane Panangaden

Notes - Hang Lu Su