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I think doing math professionally can be stifling as it can feel like you’re expected to know everything while staying collected. This blog is my outlet to do my best to grow as a mathematician while giving myself and others permission to be wrong, ignorant, and emotional about math!

My background

In January, I will be starting a predoctoral work contract at the ICMAT in Madrid funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions and “La Caixa” H2020 COFUND provisions. I’m around the University of Toronto from mid-September until November.It’s a cool place to be, and I need to be on Canadian soil to get my papers to move to Europe!

I graduated from McGill University with a BSc Honours in Pure Mathematics Spring of 2016. I spent the following Fall doing math and engineering projects at MIT and Tufts, the Winter doing math and CS projects at Waterloo and the Summer doing one-and-a-half batch at the Recurse Centerwhich I highly, highly recommend! .

My research interests are in geometric group theory with a bit of computer science. I am also interested in improving the math community and making math more accessible. Here is my CV.

Outside of academia, I love cooking, fashion and parkour. I’m pretty into tech too. Here’s a resume.

You can reach me via email at homeowmorphism@gmail.com or on Twitter.

Here is my Github.

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